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What's so shocking? Ollie's got some major growing up to do.., Huh?

Wellcome to the Weird World Of Ollie!
This is THE official Olavi Ahokas site!

Pro Finlandia.

Only in swedish!
available soon!

And this is what I got for you!

So all the weirdoes have now a site. So I thought that I do something a bit different. And this ain't gonna be another page "This is me and this is a picture of my pet" kind of page. Some of the stuff here are rip offs, but some parts are by yours untruely. Some are to taken as a joke, some stuff more seriously. You know like everything else in life. So what's the point! Don't ask me, but click on the sidebar to the various contence of my webpage and have some fun....

The small pictures to the left and right are stuff I wrote in swedish, and are filled with a lots of words and I ain't weird enough trying the translate that shit, same goes along with some of the stuff I wrote in Ollie News and in Old news! (The latter are for The Siljanet, a local web-newspage) Buy a dictionary! or get yourself a swedish girlfriend or a boyfriend or what ever, to straighten that out! Period!

If you managed to read this far you better read the rest.....

Well, you need a mean to present you, isn't that the idea with a web-page, huh! First of all I'm not into any satanic shit! 'cause I'm not a religious kind of guy, I'm not a boozer or a junkie and I'm not gonna touch that shit. I believe that shit rottens your brain. Who is gonna take you for real if you are full of shit, anyway! Enough of that shit!

You wonīt find any babes, though I love 'em, in these pages either, because they look a wholelot better live, so in that case stop jerking off, turn off your computer and get the fuck out and check them on the streets,or where else they hang out...

I'm in to lots of stuff like music, art,... had some local exebitions, are intended to do some more... this year 2000. By the way the pictures I made are NOT enlargeble with a good reason, they are to be looked upon, not to be ripped off.
Hey I'm not a millionere!
Iīm planning in the future replace all these current backdrops with my own designs, but they are OK for now. Yes, all those time eating animations gonna go same way 2... someday! Anyway, in the meanwhile click on the sidebar and take some time. The art pages are ment to be the more serious, so I can use them as a cathalogue for the future. But rest is just goofing of, but the stuff you read is the real me!....

Ferdinand Boberg.

Only in swedish!,
an english version will follow!

Now it's here the official banner!

I donīt know how it will work, but let's try this way.
Paste the following code, and make your mama proud!....

[   <a href=""http://olliehokas.tripod".com>
<img src="" border=0><a/>   ]

Dare to enter?

Here is a link to Iron Maidens official site!

Since I boldly ripped most of the animated stuff from the former site of ED HUNTER on these pages,
so some credits are in order. I guess the guys won't say no to free advertising...
Anyway, the new album NEW BRAVE WORLD is amazing, one of the best metal albums EVER!!

And of there is a page 2.